Getting Started with Tracking Request for Quotes

In a previous blog post I posed the question “What would you pay for an RFQ?” As you start driving more RFQs to your shop, you need to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

One simple way to do this is to ask “How did you hear about us?” on your RFQ form. I have tested this extensively over the past 8+ years. You capture the best data when this field is both required and an open text field (rather than a picklist that assumes how the user found you). Unless you are getting hundreds of submissions per day, reviewing the field data will be simple and highly valuable to your business. When current customers fill out the form they will be able to use the browser auto-fill feature, so don’t worry about “forcing” anyone to fill it out repeatedly.


Tracking RFQ’s from Web Traffic using Google Analytics

Beyond adding “How did you hear about us?” to your form, there are other ways of tracking RFQ’s and marketing activities via website traffic. For example, you can track if users originated from LinkedIn or an email blast you sent. You can do this by creating a goal in Google Analytics to measure conversions. This data helps you understand which sources provide the best RFQ conversion percentage. You might find that LinkedIn has a 5% conversion rate, so think about posting more to see if that makes an impact!

Setting up Tracking with Google Analytics

Tracking your marketing campaigns is easy. You will need:

  • A Website with a RFQ Form

  • A “Thank you” or “Success” page that you will use to redirect users to after they submit your form

  • Google Analytics

To get started with tracking, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Google Analytics account and install tracking code on your website

    1. Walkthrough for sites using WordPress -

  2. Create a Thank You or Success page on your website. This will be a page that your  visitors will be sent to AFTER they submit a RFQ on your form. You will need to set this redirect with the form platform you are using to receive RFQ’s

  3. Create a “Goal” in Google Analytics that will measure the conversion of a website visitor submitting a RFQ.

    1. Walkthrough -

  4. Test!

Need help setting this up? Contact me and I’d be happy to help you accomplish tracking RFQ’s on your website -

-Matt Sordillo

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